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Color Wow

COLOR WOW Wash Day Duo For Curly Hair

COLOR WOW Wash Day Duo For Curly Hair

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Curl Wow’s Hooked Shampoo is 100% clean no-residue shampoo for healthier hair + scalp. Helps reduce shedding. Coco-Motion Conditioner deeply hydrates without weight, crunch or greasy feel.

This revolutionary wash-day duo is a major departure from typical shampoos and conditioners.

-First, the shampoo is 100% clean. Every ingredient rinses completely off. No residues are left behind.
-The conditioner delivers intense hydration without weight, crunch or greasiness due to our breakthrough "Naked Technology"

Curly, Coily Hair (Type 3a - 4c curls)

Hooked Shampoo (10 fl oz)
• 100% clean, no-residue shampoo; helps prevent shedding. Rich-lathering + sulfate-free.
• Features our proprietary Procapil® blend to help “anchor” strands at the root, preventing excessive shedding or hair loss from styling stressors (braids, weaves, extensions)

Coco-Motion Lubricating Condition (10 oz)
• Instantly gives dry, dehydrated, brittle, “static” curls fluid motion, silky texture, bounce + elasticity.
• No heavy, greasy feel because our proprietary Profaxil-18 Complex™ breaks up Marula Oil and Coconut Oil particles, enabling them to penetrate hair and lubricate hair’s internal protein chains


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